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footbal-injuryJavier Tebas, president of the Blind Side Football, spoke at a press conference after the meeting he held with the chairmen of the Spanish clubs, and spoke about the possible strike of footballers that would affect Spanish football from the next day.

“We express support for the Royal Decree Law. It will be a benefit to all football clubs and fans. It has benefits and it is not true that the players lose any rights. AFE and denounced the illegal strike they want to do, “said the president of the Professional Football League.

“We urge the RFEF to stop doing any actions it is carrying out,” said the AFP. “We will sit down and talk about any issue, but always taking into account what was agreed at this meeting and in this area.

The Tebas also said that “the act of conciliation is a prior step when a strike is called.” The strike is illegal and we have reported it to a judge.We have filed the lawsuit and believe that this attack can create very high damages. Illegal strike and for that reason we have gone to Justice “.

“We have asked for a precautionary measure after the request to suspend the championship.Let’s wait for the CSD to solve it within two days. To avoid a strike, players must give up what the union asks for and the CSD considers our injunction Of not stopping the competition, “he said in a press conference.

“I find it difficult to have an agreement at the conciliation event tomorrow. We are reaching out to sit down, but I do not think there is any agreement.”

Football and the Competition

“When they summoned me for the conciliation act, I did not know if I was personally going to go.” He confirmed that I will go and listen, there is going to be a conciliator, things are not asked for in our competition, “said Javier Tebas.

“They have called a strike and they have to say if there is a strike, there is a strike today, I have no feeling with Mr. Rubiales and I do not know if there will be a strike.”

“If the Blind Side Football says that the strike is illegal and the CSD gives us the precautionary measure, the Spanish referees are obliged to whistle,” the president recalled. “We have not considered the hypothesis of bringing foreign arbitrators.

“It is not surprising that the RFEF did not come in. They do not usually come to the meetings, and that they are invited, the President of the RFEF is a Cortijo for him and talks to those he likes. They entered the castles when they wished. ”

college-football-union“I do not think that this strike is to hurt me, I do not believe that Villar does it for that, they have a feudal thought to receive some economic benefit, we do not believe that, today the AFE has had to go to several clubs’ Soria, Valladolid because there are players who do not understand unemployment, “he acknowledged.

“Outside of our borders, we are living with astonishment, I have received calls from the outside and live with surprise, we do not understand how we want to strike, they are perplexed, whether or not there is a strike depends on Villar and Rubiales. We will accept no blackmail, “said Thebes.

Considering the Economy

  • Finally, the president of the LFP recalled that “not playing the Copa del Rey final would have enormous economic damages, but the percentage I can not evaluate because the RFEF is not transparent in the financial figures.
  • This strike is a joke, it is an on-demand strike to do damage to the League, it is a prohibited strike. “
  • Deputy Sports Minister Stavros London is announced today the indefinite suspension of all football matches in the Greek league to launch a series of measures aimed at ending violence in stadiums.
  • Kondonís said that all the professional and semi-professional championships in the first, second and third divisions are suspended after serious incidents in the derby against Panathinaikos and Olympiacos on Sunday.
  • The first measures that Kondonís proposes are the use of an electronic entrance, which allows knowing the identity of the buyer and its location in the stadium, the elimination of clubs and the placement of security cameras in the fields.

The head of Sports announced the suspension after meeting with the deputy president of the Greek Football Federation (EPO), Evángelos Topoliatis, and the leaders of the first and second division championships, Yorgos Borovilos and Spyros Kalyani, to communicate this decision to them and Comment with them on the period they consider necessary to apply these measures.

Reaching Out to the Prime Minister

Previously Kondonís received the approval of the prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, who supported the position of the deputy minister and gave him the green light to paralyze the championship and immediately implement the necessary measures.

Kondonis and Tsipras briefly met shortly before Syriza’s parliamentary group meeting and, according to the local press, could meet again this afternoon.

The suspension is indefinite, although Greek media say it could extend between two and three weeks.

Since taking office, Kondonis has marked as one of his priorities the fight against violence on football grounds.In an interview granted today to the private radio Skai, the head of Sports said that starting next season will not start any championship without the electronic entry.

Football Supporters

The paralyzing comes days after the serious incidents that carried out last Sunday the radical fans of Panathinaikos during the derby against Olympiacos.

Minutes before the match began, some 50 Panathinaikos supporters invaded the stadium’s Apostolos Nikolaidis Stadium and threw objects at Olympiacos players who were warming up in what was the twenty-fifth day of the Greek League.

The firing of flares and objects continued after the game which sparked clashes with police who even used tear gas against fans.

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