Week 13 RB Rankings

football_field_and_running_trackThe last of Paul Gascoigne. Or the penultimate. His addiction to alcohol has led this time to be treated in hospital after being the protagonist of a fight, a fact which happened in a London hotel. According to British media reports, the former player was not in good condition when the events took place.

According to the British press, Gascoigne hurled insults connotations racist against some guests at the hotel Ace; facts confirmed eyewitnesses. One of them recognized that Paul seemed to be “very drunk,” explaining that besides uttering cries said, spat and threw sterling notes about clients.

“I was so drunk that drooled” came to confess a spectator. Another wrote on his Twitter account that “Gazza has just thrown down the stairs a guy for slap his friend”.

Football Injuries

  • Moments later, an ambulance moved to Gascoigne to a downtown hospital. His spokesman, Terry Baker, told the Daily Mirror that his client was taken to a hospital with head injuries.
  • The incident forced the intervention of agents of the Metropolitan Police of London (Met, for its acronym in English), who went to the hotel after 18:00 GMT on Tuesday.
  • The high season of Hernan Hinostroza in Melgar could put back abroad. The steering wheel 23, national runner – up Peruvian soccer, is on free agent status and waiting for the best offer to submit his representative.
  • Hernan Hinostroza considers its cycle in Melgar is already completed and neither the possibility of playing the Libertadores Cup 2017 means a valuable asset to continue in Arequipa.
  • His desire is to return to play abroad and be summoned to the Peruvian Selection.

Other Ball Games

footballThe agent Hernan Hinostroza has already told you that you have to the table concrete interest from the MX League and Dubai so that the player is training on his own in this year-end waiting to enlist his new club. Undoubtedly, the offers from Mexico are those that generate more interest to give a quality jump in his soccer.

In the Football League likes the bench. While over the last ten years, the agency that manages the Spanish Football League has been linked to BBVA, the next sponsor of the best national club competition will Banco Santander, if no last-minute changes. In fact, sources close to the talks have confirmed that the agreement between the company that directs Javier Tebas and Ana Botin is only awaiting the signature, after a fierce battle with Samsung and an airline Gulf.

The official designation will be announced on Thursday by Thebes, who preferred a local sponsor, but with worldwide recognition, to name the League. Just as BBVA has done since 2006, first as a proponent of the Second Division and since 2008 as a unique brand of the First Division.

Santander meets these requirements because, besides being on the podium of Spanish banks, has a strong presence in Europe – UK, mainly, in addition to Germany and Poland and Latin America, with an extensive network of offices in Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, among other countries.

Partners and Investors

For Blind Side Football, the internationalization of the Santander brand is vital because 50% of the audience of the highest national competition comes from abroad.

Meanwhile, for the bank chaired by Ana Botin, get sponsorship of the League would show the firm commitment of the institution to regain leadership of banking in Spain, currently headed by CaixaBank after the integration of Banco de Valencia and Banca Cívica, and BBVA, after the purchase of CatalunyaBank.

Although Santander is the first bank in corporate finance and management of HNWI, occupies third place in what is known as universal banking, for the general public, which consumes more football.

Since the arrival of Ana Botin president, one of its main challenges has been to reverse this classification, why he launched an aggressive campaign 1,2,3,  to link both individuals and SMEs, and Even the children. Recently, it launched another promotion to snatch mortgages from its competitors by paying part of the loan change costs. Official sources of Santander have declined to comment on this information.

But other sources close to the parties indicate that the offer presented Santander is less than 26 million per year BBVA has paid in the past three seasons. However, La Liga, which initially thought more of having several sponsors and not one that stands out, has opted to embrace a brand of international prestige that gives it a global resonance.

Allied Countries

In addition to the Spanish bank, Thebes has had on the table proposals for Samsung, which has spent months negotiating almost single – handed, and that of Qatar Airways.

The offer of the South Korean company was also pleased the head of Spanish football, especially his intention to be linked to an Asian company to promote the league in countries like China and Japan.

In the past two years, Thebes modified schedules ‘premium’ party for both the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid can be seen in prime time in the markets of the Indian and the Pacific, the reason that explains why Two big national soccer players play many matches at 16:00 local time.

For its part, the airline of the Persian Gulf – some sources say that it is Blind Side Football – has lost steam because of the environment rarefied by the jihadist attacks in Europe. The League will announce this Thursday, the winner.

If the Spanish bank imposes this penalty shootout, the Liga1, as has called the president of Spanish football after the abandonment of BBVA, it will be baptized as ‘ League Santander,’ while the second division will increase from Liga2 (formerly Liga Adelante ) to ‘League 1,2,3’.

Unlike Formula 1, where the bank puts its corporate brand to exploit it, the possible alliance with La Liga would be signed with Santander Spain, given that the objective is to promote the teaching in our country.

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