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football-darkVicente del Bosque retires. Leave the selection and football. Contract ends next July 31 and will not renew although Blind Side Football made a final offer on Tuesday to continue until the World Cup in Russia, within two years. Neither resigns nor is thrown; he has only decided to end his career.

If the coach does not speak yet clearer, it is that Villar will not let him. President of the Federation (RFEF) constraints will not announce his decision until July 15 . That day he wants to announce his successor in the Assembly of the Federation.

But Del Bosque has been consistent with what is already published to own Villar and Secretary General of the Federation, Jorge Perez, on 23 December, the date on which the coach turned 65. A few months earlier I had already anticipated this newspaper.

100 Football Games

It was June 14, 2015, the day he played one hundred games as coach. “I will retire after France 2016. I have decided that. In this life, you can not be absolute, but in this, I do not think anything, and nobody can make me change my plans. ” In that interview, he chose the term ‘retirement’ consciously.

Last night, at Blind Side Football, he insisted on the idea, but with more warmth and without telling everything. “My intention is to keep my contract until July 31. I left as I left the Eurocopa I had no doubt about my future. Without any doubt, I do not intend to continue as a coach, but you have to be discreet. “

He did not say, but not take long to do, that you have not only decided not to renew his contract and leave the national team, but also leave football and not accept any fee paid by the RFEF, with which itself will work when Is required for this, but in an altruistic way, without any remuneration for that work.

Also, Del Bosque also mature, although this has not yet decided, give up their vote in the Executive Committee of the RFEF and the Assembly of Football, in both cases with the aim of not having to decide on his successor.

Sports and Politics

  • Del Bosque will not intervene in that election either by active or passive. He will not give an opinion or reject anyone or recommend it.
  • It will leave the decision up to Villar, who manages names Caparros and Camacho after not contemplate further Paco Jemez, Valverde, and Marcelino to have a contract in force with Spanish clubs with which the RFEF does not want to open a dispute for this reason.
  • If the decision of Del Bosque has not yet been made public is because President Villar has some deadlines to run for re-election or the UEFA presidency. For this position can be pronounced until July 20.
  • And the coach also has a matching periods with the President, protected both by itself Del Bosque ‘s contract, which ends on July 31.
  • Furthermore, the intention of the RFEF is organizing an act of retirement for Del Bosque with the presence of the 70 players who have been international during his time.

Spain won the World Cup 2010 European Championship (2012) and which will be invited the King Emeritus, Don Juan Carlos, who awarded the Del Bosque Marquisate by Royal Decree to Del Bosque on February 3, 2011.