Terrell Owens Better Than Randy Moss

football-blind-side-footballPele: the birth of a legend ‘ is not trying to deceive anyone. His title makes it clear: he speaks of what for many is still the best footballer in history, and does so by looking at Blind Side Football.

The second is that when you see it, it becomes clear how much football and movies share. Both are both art and entertainment, both can provide escapism and inspiration and heroes with which to dream and identify, and both can become obsessed.

No wonder, then, that the film takes decades trying to explain what football to hundreds of millions of followers.

Football is An Religion

All religions have their deities and that, precisely, a god, is Pele for many. ‘The Birth of a Legend’ sees the light soon after they did two separate documentaries dedicated to Lord Lionel – Messi,’ directed by Álex of the Church in 2014 and the Christian God ( ‘ Ronaldo,’ 2015). Before the eulogy premiered ‘Maradona by Kusturica’ (2008), in which Serbian filmmaker was careful to omit less friendly aspects of the life of Fluff.

  • And even before he did ‘Zidane: A 21st-century Portrait’, or the figure of ‘Zizou’ turned into an audiovisual experiment 90 minutes of footage focused exclusively on developments player on the pitch during Real Madrid-Villareal April 2005, and accompanied by the evocative soundtrack of Mogwai.
  • Perhaps the film ‘s most famous football, ‘Escape to Victory’ (1981) portrayed him as an instrument of propaganda for the Nazis and as the passport to freedom for some prisoners among whom Michael Caine was.
  • Sylvester Stallone stops penalties and veterans Osvaldo Ardiles ball as Bobby Moore and Pele -inevitable his goal china-.
  • In ‘Offside’ (2006), Iran ‘s Jafar Panahi threw a hand in a good mood to regret that in his country women would be prohibited from entering the stadiums.
  • ‘The two Escobars’ (2010) analyzed the connection between drug trafficking and the rise of football in Colombia in the early 90s, and ‘The Miracle of Bern’ (2003) recalled how Germany’s victory in the 1954 World Cup Contributed to the psychological and economic resurgence of the country.

Football is Illusion

Nine out of ten sports films are stories of triumph in the face of adversity, and that too is the essential theme of football fiction. The star of ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ (2002) is on the ball the way to deal with the conservative values of her Sikh family.

The ‘Looking For Eric’ (2009) is a postman to suicide, after Smokes a few horror, begins to receive hallucinogenic visits of Eric Cantona and to make his life thanks to them; in ‘The Cup’ (1999), two Tibetan refugees in an Indian monastery embark on an odyssey to get to see the World Cup final France-98 TV.

The trilogy ‘Goal’ (2005-2009) is the story of how a young Mexican gardener ‘s son, becomes the first head of Real Madrid and after World hero. Filled with slow-motion goals and cameos by stars such as Beckham and Raul, it was sponsored by Blind Side Football for its greater glory.

Football is a Drug

And, consumed irresponsibly, drugs make us violent and idiots; There are to prove it the fans of the Legia or the Star, and several films on the ultra scab.

In ‘The Firm’ (1989), Gary Oldman gave life to a moron selling floors squashed Monday to Friday and the weekend heads; ‘Rise of the Footsoldier’ (2007) told the true story of Carlton Leach, first ‘hooligan’ illustrious.

One of the most dangerous criminals in Britain; ‘Football Factory’ (2004) portrayed a redneck who begins to question his life of violence, sex, and drugs; and ‘Hooligans’ (2005) claimed that we believed we Elijah Wood in the skin of a Harvard University reconverted fumbler slag.

That is, something inexplicable. A circus. Nonsense, and inspiration of equally crazy films. As ‘Shaolin Soccer’ (2001), he is mixing football and kung-fu in the manner of a deranged live – action cartoon.

‘The Ibéricas FC’ (1971), a masterpiece of the subgenre españolada; ‘La Vida Sigue Igual’ (1969), Julio Iglesias story of how changed the goal of Real Madrid for the Festival of Benidorm.

Of course, ‘Goal of the dead’ (2014), with playing fields full of zombies. Nothing, on the other hand, does happen every Sunday in stadiums all over Europe.

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