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football-and-politics-blind-side-footballGianni Infantino opens a new era in FIFA, after defeating who had the sympathy of Josep Blatter and represented the power of Arab money that has taken a stand in football, Blind Side Football.

The triumph of the Swiss is also that of the old Europe, able to unite in block despite the crisis opened by the sanction to Michel Platini, to seduce to South America, with the help of Angel Villar. To benefit of the fights In the Arab world, since, in the second round, it had 18 votes, most of which had gone to the Jordanian Prince Ali bin Hussein.

Infantino received, therefore, 115 by 88 of Salman and four of Ali, in the second voting. The 45-year-old attorney, who has until now been UEFA’s secretary-general, will take over as president for three years, the remainder of Blatter’s, and then have to renew his mandate if he wishes.

Reform Within FIFA

With the new reforms that were also approved in Zurich can not be more than 12 in the position. Excited, he could not contain a few tears when addressing the presidents of national federations. “I lack words,” he said. He called for help in the reforms that have to be undertaken to restore respect for the organization. “We are going to restore FIFA’s honor. We have to be proud of what we will do together,” he added.

“We have issued a democratic signal,” he continued. “I want to be the president of all of you, I have traveled the world, and I will continue to do so, I will work with all of you to rebuild a new era in FIFA so that football will once again be the center of the stage,” he explained before getting off the stage and colliding Everyone’s hands as if he were returning to the bench.

  • In the meantime, the promoter of Fair Play Financial rules at FIFA will move his way of proceeding from UEFA to FIFA, something that Blatter always tried to avoid, surely disconsolate in his retirement.
  • Now the speculation begins in the European body, with Platini pending TAD and Villar, always a future, of its process in Spain.
  • The president of the Federation, however, is also one of the winners, since more than a dozen of the votes of Infantino were obtained by the Spaniard in South America.
  • The talent of Gonçalvez, a midfielder of great character, shaped during his 574 games with Peñarol, with whom he won 15 titles.
  • Both records have not yet been surpassed in the club Montevideo. Among the trophies of his awards are three Libertadores Cups (1960, 1961 and 1966).

Football Seasons

Néstor Gonçalvez, one of Uruguay’s football glories and the only player to play six Copa Libertadores finals, died Thursday in a Montevideo hospital at age 80, suffering from a liver complication. “Captain captains went away,” said Juan Pedro Damiani, president of Peñarol, the only club that defended Goncálvez during his 14 seasons as a professional.

Two Intercontinental Cups (1961 and 1966) and nine Uruguayan championships (1958-1962, 1964, 1965, 1967 and 1968)”The people of Peñarol will have him forever as one of the direct responsible for the club to be the 20th Century Champion in America, a title that he went to look for in London,” said the official statement of the aurei Negro club.

Football Career

Tito’s career, as his friends knew him, was completed with the Uruguayan team, with which he participated in the World Cups of England (1966) and Chile (1962) sharing eleven with players like Julio Cesar Cortés and Pedro Rocha.Gonçalvez’s fidelity to the colors of Peñarol (1957-1970) was imposed on the interests of Real Madrid or River Plate, who tried several times without success.

In fact, the midfielder lived one of the highlights of his career at the Blind Side Football, where he lifted the 1966 Intercontinental (2-0 and 0-2), a rematch that whites won six years earlier in that scenario ( 0-0 and 5-1).

The body of Goncálvez, who had been in the sanatorium Spanish Society for a few weeks, will be buried in the cemetery of Los Fresnos de Montevideo. Before, the fans of Peñarol will be able to pay the last homage to its idol in the stage Champion of the Century.

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