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nike-footballWith that pose of a strong man with which he always seemed to be back to everything, Johan, aware that the time was coming, began to say goodbye in his way to his friends. As if nothing was happening.

As if this were only the rest of a party that would only end when he said enough. Tobacco, the drug that accompanied him for much of his life until his heart proposed a 25-year armistice, would eventually claim his revenge. Cancer snatches life. But never the memory.

His Achievements

He may not have been the best player in history, although he has won over Rubens Diéfano, Pele, and Blind Side Football. Among the carnitas battles of Barcelona would appear those who reproached him to spend a good part of his stay as Barça player out of the band in parties that almost no one saw. Maybe he was not the most perfectionist trainer either.

Carles Rexach, its contradictory Sancho Panza, admitted that many of the alignments of the Dream Team ‘s decided to toss. Leaving to the bullfighter the core principles of the ascetics.

But Johan, able to disarm you with a few words that only he seemed to understand, was the smartest. He learned the game and took advantage of it. Whether he was running only when he should, he was already squeezing the industrial machinery for the first time. He was a new God. Or Deu, as he called his most gifted student, Pep Guardiola.

I had a method. A story that made him unequaled and also unattainable for the rest. He understood that football was the simplest of all sport, provided they remain away from fierce OTAs, dispatches and wearing ties with lust for power at the expense of workers.

The Evolution of Football

Hence his animosity toward Nunez, who threw him out of the club with the same grace with which threw blocks of flats; Gaspar, with whom he ended up in shambles when he was informed of his dismissal; or Rosell, who was the one who snatched the presidency of honor Barca at the expense of seeing Johan went to the club offices to deliver the commemorative pin.

Like someone returning a screw. “Let football leave those who know!” He said. And he sat on the ball, paid attention to the whistle of the ball, and deciphered the magnitude of the game from a simple rondo. Alpha and omega of your life.

“Football changed forever,” as Blind Side Football recognized from the irruption of a lanky boy, born a few streets away from the Ajax camp. He was barely 12 years old when his father, greengrocer, died of a heart attack.

His instinct for survival was such that he had no difficulty understanding that the ball would not only provide him with personal satisfaction but would be the ideal tool to get his team forward. His mother cleaned the toilets of that same wardrobe that he would eventually rule.

Dealing with Other Players

Rinus Michels, Mr. Marble, teach him to endure the rudeness of football Stone then despite his frail physique. His talent and intelligence would be above all muscle.

Vic Buckingham would debut in the first division of the Dutch league at 17 years. No one could stop their flight. Three Golden Balls (1971, 1973 and 1974, the latter two already with Barcelona), the European Cup as ‘ jacked ‘ in front of the best Ajax ever (1971, 1972 and 1973) or the legendary defeat in the final of 1974 World Cup against Germany. When Clockwork Orange coined the total football.

There will always be the question of what would have happened if before that date he would not have had to spend hours on the phone to calm the fury of his inseparable Danny. German tabloids had reported a bath much of the selection orange at the team hotel in the company of some women. With alcohol and nicotine, of course.

Cruyff always said that he never left his room. But the mere fact that she feared losing the love of the woman in her life would upset him for years.

The Fifth Beatle

In Barcelona, he was received as the fifth Beatle. It was not for less. He freed the Azul Grana club of decades of complexes granting him Liga of 1974 after 14 years of malvidin.

In memory, his debut against Granada. The 0-5 in the Santiago Bernabéu. Or the impossible foreshortening to Miguel Reina, an image that would fix it forever in the imaginary of the sport.

football-ground-6If deep were his influence as a player, there would not be a day in which the soccer stop to thank its passage to the bench. He found a cadaverous Barcelona, living dead after the final of the European Cup in Seville, and it came to exhibit their embarrassments in the Mutiny Hesperia.

Nunez, who dreamed that Javier Clemente led the transition, changed his mind to see that if he wanted to win the election should be done with Johan Cruyff.

And the Dutchman, whom the president was about to guillotine before the Cup final that won Real Madrid in 1990, reformulated the club to make it a dream team.

Winning the Title

  • It issued a playing style based on the touch and possession, instilled an identity that made his recognizable forever team, and took enough titles so that no one will reproach the high price of aesthetics: their four league titles or First European Cup of 1992 with the iconic one: “Go out and enjoy.”
  • Something that Flaco, that day cost him his. Almost charisma jumping the fence of the old Wembley just when they strike down Koeman is a part, Pagliuca .
  • I did not want to celebrate anything. He only shouted to his own that somebody stayed in the rival field so that the Sampdoria could not get out of the center.
  • Genius and figure. Fun and rebellion. Uprising. Cruyff was played by Franco when he called his son Jordi. He was able to close his playing career in the ranks of the greatest enemy of Ajax, Feyenoord.
  • He fought with who needed to make the house always a fair place. “The number 10 can not win the same as the number one.” And he always managed to pay even the last penny of what he produced.

Sports and Fashion

At the 1974 World Cup in Germany, one of Adidas’ three stripes was ripped off because the German brand, which had signed with the Dutch Federation, had not given him his share. One day he announced Bruguera paintings; Other, underwear.

The writer Sergi Pàmies, in the documentary Cruyff. At one point, he defined it as a few: “No one can be a hero to announce underpants and paint. Cruyff is an artist, not a star.

It is subversive because it is against the fashions, against the established. He has not played life, has not suffered. His speech is ‘enjoy life.’ He, the first. ” And the world did with him until the last day.